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Multi-Angle, Wedge Ruler (M) - Workshops

The MULTI-ANGLE, WEDGE RULER (MA) is an amazing new ruler that is both a protractor for cutting different Angles (from 5° to 60°), it also has built into the Ruler the ability to cut and sew different Angles together without needing to paper piece. Once the Angles are turned into Wedges, using the ‘Slots’ that are unique to this Ruler, seam allowances are built in so a wide variety of designs can be made (from traditional to modern). The Workshops below all have as a part of the class learning how to design original Blocks and Quilts as well as making the Quilt for the Workshop.

Star in a Star (M)
Uneven Star (M)
Sampler (M)
Wedge Frenzy (M)

Flower Frenzy (M)
Crossed Diamonds (M)